2014 Jr. Dragsters
Race Schedule
Sat. 26th Test & Tune
Sun 27th Test & Tune
Sat. 3rd Jr. Dragster Points Race #1
Sat. 17th Jr. Dragster Points Race #2
Sat. 24th Jr. Dragster Points Race #3
Sat. 7th Jr. Dragster Points Race #4
Sun. 21st Jr. Dragster Points Race #5
Fri. 4th Jr. Dragster Points Race #6
Sat. 5th Jr. Dragster Points Race #7
Sat. 19th Jr. Dragster Points Race #8
Sat. 26th Jr. Dragster Points Race #9
Sat. 9th Jr. Draster Points Race #10
Sat. 23rd Jr. Dragster Points Race #11
Sat. 30th Jr. Dragster Points Race #12
Sat. 13th Jr. Dragster Points Race #13 - Final
1st and 2nd Round Losers of Points Race
will Go into a Shoot Out Race.


Any child 8 to 17 years old. Juniors may compete through the calendar year of their 18th birthday, provided they are in competition between Jan 1 and their birthday. All competitors must make 6 passes to obtain or upgrade IHRA license. A photocopy of every competitors birth certificate must accompany all license applications along with an original parental consent agreement and original release and waiver of liability.


NO Jr. Dragster will be allowed to be on the track until there is someone on the top end of the track to direct them off. The requirement is that when your jr is on the track one spotter (parent, helper, etc) needs to stay on the starting line to ensure your car is off safely. Also Jr. drivers I request that no matter who it is on the top end of the track you obey them and respect them the same as you do DJ. Thunder Valley Dragways is taking these steps to ensure the safety of all drivers.

Entry Fee $30 for Car & Driver.

IHRA Rules Apply.

2013 Summit SuperSeries Junior Dragster
World Championship Prize Package

Winner Receives:  

  $3,000 from Summit Racing Equipment 

Vic Puglia Junior Dragster 

4 Pack of Tickets to any Feld Entertainment Production 

Kalahari Resort Vacation Package for 4 (3 nights) 

Cedar Point Passes for 4 

IHRA Gold Card 

World Champion Ironman 

World Champion Diamond Ring 

  Junior Dragster Championship Payout: 

$3,000 win  

$2,000 runner-up 

$1,000 semis 

$500 quarters 

Plus, $750 in tow money for all qualifiers 

Click to print flyer with full rules

Meet The Drivers....
Joslyn Buskohl
Kellyn Jackson
Abby Buskohl
Hailey Hantke
Serena Hopf
Megan Murphy
Morgan Opp
Nathan Nelson
Tanner Reverts
Shelbi Lindner
Lacee Fedeler
Kiesha Hofer
Lexie Goldammer
Jakob Flier

Each Points Race Winner will receive a $100 gift card
& Runner Up will recieve a $50 gift card And
A Special Gift to the Season Champion. Thanks to
Billion Southtown